About Us

Our Mission

The Morrison School is dedicated to creating a community of learners who are empowered.  We believe that by cultivating learners who are curious, competent, socially-conscious, and self-assured, all students can and will live purposeful and successful lives in our increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Our Community Values


I can make concrete plans and carry them out.
I can set and meet goals.


  • I can concentrate on what is most important at any given time.
  • I can retain information and use that information over time.


  • I can control my own emotions and how I respond to stressful situations.
  • I can set priorities, and resist impulsive actions or responses.


  • I can notice people and situations around me and how everyone fits into the picture.
  • I am self-aware.  I am conscious of my own character, feelings, motives, desires, and how they impact the people around me.


  • I can adapt to changing situations.
  • I can shift my responses to respond to different demands and different settings.

Our Theory of Learning

IF we create carefully curated learning experiences for our students that are grounded in reflection and analysis, and culminate in a high-quality performance assessment, THEN our students will become more motivated, curious, and self-directed learners who see themselves in our curriculum.