Parents and Caregivers

Graduation and Promotion Requirements

Information explaining the requirements a student must meet in order to graduate or be promoted to the next grade level.  Review the School District of Philadelphia’s Promotion and Graduation Policy.

Students in the 8th grade will be allowed to participate in the promotion ceremony if they satisfy the following requirements:

  • Pass reading, mathematics, science and social studies;
  • Have no more than 3 unexcused absences, and 5 latenesses
  • Do not disrupt classes, lunch or hallway atmosphere, and have less than 2 suspensions
  • Less than 5 uniform infractions

Permission Forms

  • Parental Permission Slip – All students going on school trips will receive a permission slip from their teacher to go on the trip.  This form must be completed in its entirety, signed by a parent or guardian and returned before a student is allowed to attend any trip.
  • Student Media Form  – This form should be filled out by the Parent or Legal Guardian of a student prior to using a student’s picture, voice, video and/or full name on the School District or an individual school’s website.  It is SDP policy to include this form in the Student/Parent Handbook and for the Webpublisher to have a current form on file at the beginning of every school year.

Extracurricular Activities

We encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities. EC Clubs to be determined.

In order to remain an active participant in an organization, a student must remain in good standing with the school by maintaining the following characteristics:

  • Be curious, competent, socially conscious and self-assured
  • Demonstrate a growth mindset
  • Have excellent attendance
  • Model our Community Values