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Welcome to The Morrison School

Our Mission

The Morrison School is dedicated to creating a community of learners who are empowered.  We believe that by cultivating learners who are curious, competent, socially-conscious, and self-assured, all students can and will live purposeful and successful lives in our increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Our Community Values


  • I can make concrete plans and carry them out.
  • I can set and meet goals.


  • I can concentrate on what is most important at any given time.
  • I can retain information and use that information over time.


  • I can control my own emotions and how I respond to stressful situations.
  • I can set priorities, and resist impulsive actions or responses.


  • I can notice people and situations around me and how everyone fits into the picture.
  • I am self-aware.  I am conscious of my own character, feelings, motives, desires, and how they impact the people around me.


  • I can adapt to changing situations.
  • I can shift my responses to respond to different demands and different settings.


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